Choosing between a traditional water heater with a storage tank and a tankless water heater is a decision most homeowners face at some point. After all, water heaters are the gold standard for a dependable source of hot water. Because your plumbing fixtures and home appliances rely on this hot water, it’s always important to consider all your options carefully.

This practical guide from the local experts at Indoor Comfort Systems HVAC breaks down tank and tankless water heaters. You’ll learn more about the unique aspects of their design along with some benefits and drawbacks of each one. These key details will help you make an educated choice based on your home's hot water needs. Once you’ve made your decision, give us a call for professional tank water heater installation.

Conventional Storage Tank Water Heaters: The Reliable Choice

Let's take a closer look at conventional storage tank water heaters first. That ample storage tank is the standout feature here, ensuring you have an ample supply of water that’s continually heated. The moment you need hot water, a tank water heater is ready to supply it.


  • Lower Initial Costs: Tank water heaters generally have lower up-front installation costs, thanks to their straightforward design.
  • Easier Maintenance: A streamlined design also means fewer potential maintenance needs.


  • Nonstop Heating: Tank water heaters must keep water perpetually heated, which means extra cost if you’re not regularly using that water.
  • Space Requirements: The tank itself is sometimes a challenge in cramped spaces. If the property is missing a basement or utility closet, installation becomes a bit trickier.

Tankless Water Heaters: Efficient and Innovative

Now, let's explore tankless water heaters, an innovative alternative that’s relatively modern. Unlike tank models, tankless water heaters operate when needed. They’re generating hot water only when you ask for it, with powerful heating elements as the water passes through the system.


  • Greater Energy Savings: Tankless models are much more energy efficient since they aren’t always on.
  • A Smart, Resilient Design: With regular maintenance from a skilled professional, tankless water heaters can enjoy many years of service.


  • Higher Setup Cost: Initial installation costs are higher because of the more intricate design.
  • More Frequent Maintenance: Tankless models will usually need more periodic maintenance to keep their key elements working efficiently.
  • Potential Need to Update Plumbing Infrastructure Updates: Older homes aren’t always equipped for a tankless water heater. Plumbers can adapt your plumbing to accommodate one, but it might complicate your installation project.

Deciding on Your Ideal Water Heater: Every Home Has Unique Needs

For most homes, we’d suggest the greater energy efficiency that tankless water heaters can offer. But this also depends on aspects including how much hot water you go through every day. You’ll want to think about your specific hot water needs before you make your selection.

  1. Your Home’s Usual Hot Water Requirements: Estimate how much hot water your household goes through on average. As an example, large families who are active in sports or have pets will need a lot more hot water than if you live by yourself.
  2. Space for Installation: The layout of your home can impact how effectively a water heater operates. Consider potential installation locations and confirm with professionals if your model is capable of fitting where you want it go.
  3. Regional Climate: Brutally cold winters mean your water heater will need more energy. This reduces the efficiency of tankless models, which are better in situations when there won’t be any large fluctuations in water usage.
  4. Utility Costs: Your average energy prices can make one option more attractive over the other.

Remember, seasoned installers like those at Indoor Comfort Systems HVAC can help you in making a more informed decision. They understand which units meet your specific needs before ensuring a smoother installation process.

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